It’s difficult when needing to sell your home and not having the money or time to remodel a kitchen or take down a wall to open up the space. Keep in mind that upgrades like new appliances or a kitchen island will increase the value of your home and in turn, if done right, you will get your money back.

But let’s say you are in a bind and are trying to sell your home without all of these renovations. Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Remove personal items

Yes, I mean take down your photographs and trinkets! No one needs to see your salt and pepper shaker and cookie jar collections. What buyers want is to be able to imagine themselves in that space. Not everyone is going to get excited when seeing your Star Wars collection or your mounted trophy fish. They need to imagine their things in those spots, and if you’re stuff is blocking their view they won’t see it as clearly. Pack them away, label the box, and have them ready for your new home instead. Check your fridge for personalized magnets and photos your hang.

2. Rid of any evidence of pets

Not everyone loves pets. And even those that do love pets, don’t need to smell them or see them. When your house is being shown, don’t have dog bowls out or fur caked on the couches. Do a sweep and clean of your house to remove pet toys, bowls, and their fur.

3. Please clean it

This seems obvious, but not to some. I have looked at photos of properties for sale with half eaten bags of chips and cans of pop cluttering the kitchen table. And it doesn’t stop at the photos. It’s the same way for showings. It is really hard for a buyer to imagine their future home if it’s a dirty mess. Wipe the counters, mop the floors, and wash the windows. Even though your house may need an upgrade and it’s out of date, at least it’s clean and won’t scare away potential buyers. Make sure your bathroom is spotless and not full of mildew and grime. That will definitely gross a lot of buyers out.

4. Paint

Try to make your houses as neutral as possible, using whites, creams, and beige colors. Not everyone is moving in with a newborn baby and they do not care if your room is pink for the nursery. Painting the rooms back to a neutral color will help the buyer be able to imagine that room how they want it. It might be their office, a guest room, a room for their teenager, or even just storage. Paint has always been said to be a cheap cost that will go a long ways.

5. First impressions

Maintain the lawn and make the house pop. If a buyer initially becomes afraid because the lawn is a disaster, they may not ever be able to get past that once coming inside. If you’re really up for better landscaping, add some flowers or small shrubs. Remove the pile of shoes at the door as well

6. Possibly rent furniture

This tip won’t be for everyone, but a lot of times placing nice furniture in the home is better than leaving the place empty and cold. Renting a few pieces to make the home look warm and welcoming can often help. Torn up furniture your pet got ahold of won’t.

7. Neutralize smells

People who don’t live with you can smell what you can’t because you’re use to it. Take the opportunity to open the windows for some fresh air, and even bake cookies or an apple pie when buyers are coming.

There are many renovations that can be done to up the value of your home such as new appliances, upgraded kitchen, and making a live-in basement, but if you are unable to do those things these are a few tips to help your sell your home.

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